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Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and more and more couples are choosing a wedding villa for their special day. Caribbean beach weddings, exotic beach weddings, tropical island weddings, renewal of wedding vows, romantic beach honeymoons, or just romantic weekend getaways are all possible with a villa wedding. The sense of privacy, intimacy, and highly attentive personal service you'll experience at a wedding villa simply cannot be matched by the more public environment of a hotel. Wedding villas provide you and your guests with complete privacy in an intimate setting. Many wedding villas have all the amenities of a luxury hotel, including private beaches, swimming pools, tennis courts, etc. But, unlike a hotel, a wedding villa is exclusively for you, your family, and your guests during your stay.

Villas are broadly divided into three types: those rented with exclusive use on a weekly basis, those rented for just the wedding day, and not for accommodation, and those that can be rented more like a hotel, in part or whole, for one or more days. All the villas have either kitchen service, or hired catering, that can prepare top class cuisine, and stunning wedding events. A villa wedding gives you incredible flexibility, for a more relaxed event, with intimate settings for the ceremony, music, the meal, and after-dinner events.

By combining your wedding with a vacation/honeymoon, a villa wedding is truly an all-inclusive destination wedding package. Depending on the villa, small weddings of under 20 guests are common, but can range to 100 guests or more. Wedding villas provide an ideal setting for family and friends to gather for a wedding that will provide a lifetime of wonderful memories. Whether you want your destination wedding to be barefoot on the beach, a stunning garden setting, or a more formal gathering on a lawn or terrace, wedding villas are available to suit your every need.

While there are many choices for destination weddings, one of the most popular locations for such a wedding is Jamaica. There are many reasons why Jamaica is so popular, including the wide range of venues, large number of wedding planners, and large number of airlines offering direct flights to this island paradise. All inclusive Jamaica weddings provide a hassle-free, highly enjoyable way to get married and have a wonderful honeymoon. Compared to other Caribbean locations, Jamaica wedding packages are generally less expensive without compromising on quality or service.